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With an eye for fashion and design, I’m known for my aesthetically fresh styles that add a touch of wow to any wardrobe. I aim to provide all of my clients with pieces that will enhance their beauty and confidence, bringing out their best. Explore my service offerings now, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions at all.

Closet Organization

Everyone seems to have the same two problems when it comes to fashion: no room in the closet, yet still finding nothing to wear. Statistics show that 80% of women wear only 20% of their wardrobe.  And the rest is just wasted money.
 Organising your wardrobe with a professional stylist will help you get rid of this problem.  We will create a huge number of images from the clothes that you already have! We will sort out the color palette.  I will help you understand what kind of clothes suits your body type and of course I will help you create a smart shopping list.  After such an organisation of your wardrobe, you will have ready-made ideas for every day,  you will also clearly understand which purchases you need and which ones you should bypass, witch is guarantees your money safe!

Personal Shopping

How many times you have bought piece of clothes that you could never fit in with the wardrobe you already have  and it remained hanging with a tag until it was completely out of fashion. Have you ever had emotional purchases?  It's not just superstars and rich people who use stylist services!  A stylist is the person who will first of all help you dressing stylish and look expansive no matter what the budget is 200€ or 20000€. Stylist will help you find the most suitable clothing for your body type and life direction! Thats will be clothing that perfectly fits your life style and you will love using it for many years! Also, when working with a stylist, you will learn many new secrets of how not to make emotional purchases, learn the colors combinations as well as learn all the secrets of creating great basic wardrobe! 

Fashion in Pink

Stylist Consultation

What you get:
- one hour online consultation with profi
- creating personal look-book
- body type determination
- accessory advice
- creating complex due to the set goal

Sometimes it feels like you stuck in one place and cannot move forward, no matter it is your career growth or personal relationships.  
Change must start with yourself!  Finding your personal style or getting a professional consultation can be a great stimulation to a new stage in your life!  I will help you find your personal style, I will tell you how you can change yourself with the help of accessories and clothes.  We will determine your body type and create a personal look-book that will show which Clothes are right for you!  As well as we will talk about the secrets of effective shopping, the combination of Colours, the need for a strong basic wardrobe, and of course you will learn all the secrets of self-compiling a capsule wardrobe!

Photo and VideoShoot Styling

Now photo and video shooting has become an important part of our life’s!
 Whether it's creating advertisements for your work or individual and family shooting.
 The beauty of the final picture also directly depends on what you are wearing.
 An outfit for a camera differs quite a lot from what we wear in everyday life.  This is a separate style direction.  Now there is even such a definition as photogenic clothing.

 I will help you choose an image for your shooting in accordance with the location, idea and style.  For the best and most effective result.


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