Consulting on the Purchase

Price 10€

For example you have to choose between several positions and I help you with the choice and explain why. Or help you with the item that you don't know how to wear and what to combine with.

1 position (1 item)


Assistance in the selection of items.

price: 15€ 

I will research online stores according to your parameters and type.

Price for 1 item (up to 5 positions)


Personal Shopping 

Price:   ̶8̶5̶€̶   now 65€ 1 hour 

How does it work? 
First we meet, by WhatsApp, VideoCall or in person! That’s will help both of us to create a plan and make the process for shopping quick and effective! 
We choose place and the time that suits client the best. 
You can book up to 5 hours of personal shopping, depends on the client needs.

Please note that Travel casts not included in the following price! 
P shopping, depends on the client needs.

Please note that Traveling WAT not included in the following price!


Photo and Vidoshoot styling 

Price: 60€ per provided image! 

How does it work? 

We get in contact via WhatsApp, video call or in person! 

We make a plan of the photo or video shoot styles! 

I make a look book with the most suitable images for your session! 

I provide images and all the accessories for the photoshoot duration! 

Please note travel casts not included in the following price! 

Fashion in Pink

Online Stylist consultation 

Price:  ̶8̶5̶€̶   now 65€

What you get:
- 2-3 hours online consultation via WhatsApp

- defining your personal style
- creating personal look-book
- body type determination
- accessory advice
- creating complex due to the set goal


Closet oraganization

Price  ̶8̶5̶€̶   now 65€ per hour (max 5 hours)

what you get?

Up to 60 ready to wear images made out of the clothing you already have

Colors lesson 

Ready shopping list

please note: travel costs not included in following price.

Online shopping assistant VIP.

price: 95€ for one month.

You get a whole month of unlimited online assistant on buying items! For example, you go shopping and send me a photo, together we choose what is suits you and what is not. I also give tips on shops to purchase a specific item that you search!

Pink Blush


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